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MHP Inc.   Mile High Polishing, Inc.

Mile High Polishing is now available for all your time saving needs! you no longer have to purchase additional materiasl, we can do you 30" sheets with an average turn around time of 7 to 10 business days.  

Also, being local, you save money on shipping.


*Mile High Polishing has received positive review among aerospace, electronic, hardware, medical and automotive clients. *We have earned this reputation from years of quality metal polishing and buffing workmanship, competitive pricing and flawless metal polishing services.

*Our goal is to exceed your expectations. We will solve your challenges utilizing all of the knowledge, experience, dedication our team has to offer.

*Our promise is to better serve you with our wide range of polishing knowledge and small company mentality.



Items left 30 days after completion are subject to a 25% STORAGE FEE.

After 60 days we have the right to SELL the items.


36"Timesaver:   You get a clean finish from edge to edge with no waste, so you save money


Metal Polishing: We polish engine casings, cam covers, valvecovers, alternators, propellers, tanks, wheels, custom fabrications and castings.


Trim Restoration: We remove dents and polish trim. From stainless steel to anodized aluminum.


Metal Buffing:  An operation accomplished by working thesubstrate with cotton or sisal wheels with an application of cutting compound. This usually follows a belting (or polishing) operation  


Brush Finishes: A semi-directional pattern using coated or woven abrasives.


Grinding: Basic stock removal using either stone or coated abrasives.


Line Graining: A directional scratch pattern using coated abrasives.


De-burring: Any number of detailing operations (performed either by hand or with a bench tool). Examples include light grinding, filing, fine detail buffing, de-burring, and I.D. finishing.


Stroke Sanding: A means of flat sanding for large, long, or heavy items.


Special Finishes: Unique finishes ranging from circular grinding to custom patterns.


Ultrasonic Cleaning: A process in which items are immersed in an

environmentally safe aqueous solution that has been excited by sound imitating transducers. Our clients are thrilled with the results.

  Services Offered

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